Saturday, December 24, 2011

What was/is/could/will be the best Christmas present?

First, let's wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New 2012 Year!!! Well, many people would say the best present they would get could be world peace, joy, happiness everywhere on Earth... And they all will be right, of course! But that would be for many other people, not only for them, though I support such a wish/present 100, no 1000 %!
Yet, I mean the best personal present... And I guess many people would agree that one of the best presents could be a book? I had a very good one this year, the complete, full edition of Arabian Nights! Can't wait to read it though it's quite a volume - about 900 pages and written with very small font! Actually, it seems it has almost nothing in common with all the other versions I’ve read as a kid, or with any interpretations I’ve seen as movies, though there were some really good ones! It’s not for kids at all, as it seems….
Well, I couldn’t say I haven’t had some other good presents over the years: an original Colmar jacket, chemical set for many experiments I received as a kid, some exotic fishes for my aquariums, a couple of parrots, etc… I guess anyone could point out some good ones too, even much better than mine? And much better than the gift from my greeting card on top of the post? Let it be my gift for all the readers! 
Best wishes to all! Let the wonderful noise of the sea always sounds in your ears! (a greeting of the water dragons' hunters - my Tale Of The Rock Pieces).,,,,,,!/ivanstoikov.allanbard

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