Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Computer games vs books…

I’m sure that if the people who prefer PC and other games stand on one side of a pair of scales, and on the other all those who prefer reading of books gather, the book lovers would go high in the air… There are so many modern games with amazing graphics, sound, and scary, awesome, funny, etc creatures, adventures, scenes, etc that the many gamers usually don’t like to spend any time reading the black lines of a book. It seems using their imagination to “see” all the glory, magnificence or wisdom in written stories is harder than pushing the buttons of a joystick, mouse or keyboard. Probably many fans of the virtual games will oppose, as there are some excellent, modern and old “additions” in the virtual world, which can improve our imagination, thinking process, not to mention our skills like fast reactions, quickness of mind, or even the ability to remain calm in hard situations (which involve a lot of blood, killing of bad and dreadful characters, like vampires, zombies, burglars, murderers, whose only goals and intentions are to rob and kill everyone who stand in their way).
There’s no doubt such skills could be useful in our everyday life, when we face hard, deadly events. Yet, there are many details about books that make the rectangular objects, PDF and other text files better than the virtual battles, adventures and worlds from the PC and TV screens:
- no game could inspire imagination as the written words would, a game shows us everything in an imaginary world, a book just describes the scenes and leaves the rest to our thoughts and inspiration.
- a book could really develop our thinking, not just our logic, or fast reactions, remember al the good, inspiring, profound quotes, thoughts, events we could find in books that helped us change our attitude, way of thinking, way of life, etc…
- we could get bored by a game much faster and to a much greater extent than by any book, we know very well how a game will end (we’ll either win – kill all the bad guys, pass all the levels, etc, or lose), yet, most of the times the adventures in a book and its end are unpredictable, many books have happy endings, indeed, but the ways to get to there are so various that could surprise anyone (much more than the action in any game).
- the constant pushing of buttons while firing, shooting, passing through games’ levels could make us stupid, as then we don’t use our brains to think but mostly for our fast reactions…
- there are none (as far as I know) groups that try to heal the mental state of book lovers, but there are many which try to help the PC games addicts to lead a normal life again…
Of course, I cannot claim I’m the best expert on the subject; I didn’t play all the games that exist (I prefer to read/write a book than to spend endless hours killing virtual characters or flying and moving fast through the levels of a game). Yet, even the greatest fans of the games couldn’t deny there’s a lot of truth in my post?

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