Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday jokes...;)

Don’t you think that the jokes teenagers/kids tell are amongst the best :) ? Like:
What’s that which is small, white, has something red in front, flies and clangs?… A snow-flake in menstrual period that’s going to throw some bottles in the garbage…
Have you seen a flying elephant? NO? How can you see it when it flies high…
A youngster went to a famous businessman and said: “I have a great deal for you, Sir! I know how you could earn 300 000 $!”
“Well, let me know then…”
“Do you remember that you offered 600 000 $ to the one who will marry your daughter?”
“Yes, so?”
“Well, I’ll do it just for 300 000 $…”

“I spent 300 $ in the fitness, last week…” said a man to his friend.
“So much? Probably you sleep there and train in the night too?”
“No, it’s just they have so expensive bar…”

And as some of my characters say: Money are amongst the last things that make people rich…,,,,,

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