Monday, May 28, 2012

Some jokes to begin the week with...;)

A kid is telling his friends what a great time they had in the zoo with his family:
"We saw all the animals, but the best was the tiger! He was walking like a king and from time to time came to the bars of the cage and made "PHHHHHHH..."
"Nonsense! Tigers make "ROAR" not "PHHHHH"?
"Yes," said the narrating kid. "But that is when he's with the muzzle towards you..."

A professor during his lecture: "Wake up the colleague beside you, please..."
"You wake him up, professor," replies the student. "You put him to sleep..."

A blonde woman threw a clock out of the window. When they asked her why, she said: "I want to see how the time flies..."

Impulse is when a man gives a woman flowers. But when a woman moans in the phone, it is 12 impulses a minute...

And a thought from my stories: Wishing everyone best wishes could lead to a lot of frustration and trouble... As then the good wishes of the good people and the bad of the bad guys will destroy one another and everything will remain the same... from my future Space Hide&Seek. Have a great week, everyone, nevertheless :)!,,,,,,!/ivanstoikov.allanbard, http://,

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