Friday, October 12, 2012

jokes for the weekend :)

An old couple liked to play hide and seek. In the morning, the old lady hid the bottle with whiskey, and if the old man could find it, then at the evening the old woman had to hide...

Do you want to do good for the society? To make many young women run after you? Or to make dozens of people wait for your appearance even in the sever weather? Join our team! The public transport looks for drivers...

"Hello, land team? It's flight 365, we want to land immediately..."
"But why? You flew off 5 minutes ago..."
"Our stew forgot to switch off her iron at home..."

As strange as it may sound, the best gift/b-day present for a teenager would be a participation in a movie, where he/she could play the part of the bad character... Then and only then, he/she could say aloud all the bad and foul curses without any bad consequences... ;) my future The Origin Of Gods.
Hope these jokes could be a good beginning of the weekend :)! Take care, everyone!


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