Sunday, December 9, 2012

weekend jokes :)... some not very good for kids...

Do you know the obvious difference between a hooker and a deputy? A hooker is paid to fulfill others' desires, a deputy is paid to fulfill his/her own whims...

A new employee in a bank was in shock as a man with a mask with 2 holes for his eyes enters... She began to desperately search for the panic button, but a colleague of hers calmed her down: "Relax, it's the boss..."
"But why he's dressed like that???"  
"Well, he says it's just an old habit of his..."

Success is the only unforgivable sin, according to our relatives and kin... Ambrose Bierce.

If the 1st reason for a war are the greediness, strive for new territories and natural resources, etc, then the 2nd is the unnecessary revenge. from my future The Origin Of Gods.,,,,,,,

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