Monday, December 3, 2012

some jokes for the new week...:) not all good for kids...

Hope everyone are preparing for Christmas and New Year's Eve?  I wish everyone happy holidays!

A woman asked her husband before they went to bed: "Honey, where's your wedding ring?"
"Well, my dear... Here's what happened..." And that's how the trilogy The Lord Of The Rings was created...

A girl wrote as her status at facebook: "I'll sleep naked tonight..."
Immediately, 1000 mosquitoes hit the like button...

"I like the thinking people!" said the scientist.
"I like these who believe." said the priest.
"And I like the  men of affairs." said the banker.
"Well, I like everyone who have a head on their shoulders..." added the executioner....

If some goals are good excuse for their meanings, other meanings could ruin their goals on all sides, squeeze the good out of them that way it could become a simple trash, or turn everything there into a pure evil... my The Origin Of Gods.


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