Wednesday, April 10, 2013

middle of the week jokes, everyone! :) some not too for kids, though...

I hope some of my friends from facebook will like to see some of the jokes they shared at the site here too : 

Via Joe O'connell: a little boy in the drugstore with his dad, suddenly creates a fuss, he wants a chocolate Easter Bunny. finally his father gives him one but the boy has a temper storm. he wants a male Easter bunny. the druggist and the father try to tell the boy it doesn't make any difference, with that the boy holds up his little finger, and says there's that much more chocolate... 

Via Lynne Pentney: I was at the post office, when I see a blond woman shouting into an envelope. I asked, "What are you doing?" The blond replied,"Sending a voice mail..."

"Is it true that after the divorce you still live with your esx-wife?" a man asked his friend. 
"So, is your life better now?"
"Not at all... The only difference is that when we quarrel and she throws dishes at me, she hits me every time..."

 Too much striving for cleaning leads to a dirty mind... my future Incredible Future.,,,,,,,



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