Saturday, March 3, 2012

a couple of jokes for the weekend ;)...

The snake regretted a lot that she told Eve about the apple... As after Eve ate the apple, she saw the snake not only as animal, but also as a belt, a bag and a purse...

A little girl told her father: "I love you, dad, and when I grow up, I'll marry you..." then, she angrily addressed herself to her mother: "And YOU, you'll be our daughter..."

Have a great weekend, everyone! And Happy 3rd March to all Bulgarians everywhere in the world! The National Holiday of Bulgaria, actually, the day when we were saved (about 230 years ago) from the 500 years of Turkish occupation.
Some friends of mine told me I shouldn't post just jokes and anecdotes, there should be some wise thoughts too in my blog, combining genres is something every author should do, so I start from today:

There are things that hurt much more than any physical injury - they are called words... as some of my characters say from my next Kids' Funny Business.,,,,,,!/video/video.php?v=1297301684245,,

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