Wednesday, June 27, 2012

middle of the week's jokes...;)

Conversation between two businessmen:
"My employees haven't been asking for raise of the salaries for two years... I wonder how they cheat me?..."

Graveyard is the only place where a little girl in a white dress and a doll could scare anyone more than a drunkard with a bat...

How can we start small business? It's quite easy, buy a big one and just wait...

As today some of my good friends (all over the world ;) have birthdays, I couldn't refrain from posting an excerpt from a future book of mine: There's a rumour (according to one of my books) the birthday cake's candles should be lighted by a dragon, so that one's good wishes could become true... But I hope my greeting card will save anyone the trouble to look for such a dangerous creature...;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all who celebrate! Wish you all the best!

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