Monday, July 2, 2012

jokes for the new week's beginning ;)

A boss is quarreling with one of his employees for making too much personal phone calls. "But I was talking about business with our clients!" the employee defended himself. "Well, then I'll have to ask you to stop calling our clients "honey", "pussy", "bunny", etc..."

A blonde woman said to her blonde friend: "I made a 2nd hole in my ear." "Oh, now I guess you hear better?"

After the 1st day at school, the father asks his son: "Did you learn something todays at school?" "Yes," replied the son. "But apparently it's not enough, they want me to go tomorrow too..."

 One of the best reasons why people think heaven is a place on Earth is the beauty of nature... from my future Origin Of Gods.,,,,,,, - pigeons,!/video/video.php?v=1297361605743,!/ivanstoikov.allanbard, http://,

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