Friday, June 15, 2012

some jokes for the weekend...;)

A kangaroo went to a bar and ordered a glass of gin with tonic. The bartender was really surprised and wanted to talk with the animal: "We don't see many kangaroos around..."
"How can you expect to see even one?" replies the kangaroo. "A glass of gin with tonic cost 20 $ here!!!"

Entering in a bar, a sheriff orders a glass of whiskey with Swedish cheese. Looking at the cheese, he frowns and says to the bartender: "John, if there will be another firing in your bar, I'll close it..."

A father says to his son: "And remember, my boy, all the mushrooms are dangerous!"
"What about field mushrooms, dad?"
"Out of question! Picking them I met your mother..."

And a crazy thought from a future book of mine: The best way to know whether you still have the child in you is the feeling of disgust when taste strong drinks as an adult... my Space Hide & Seek.,,,,,,

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