Sunday, November 18, 2012

some weekend dose of the one of the best medicines, laughter :) not all for kids though...

Two youngsters watch two girls in a bar. "Let's go to meet them!" says the one.
"Ok,"but a bit later," says the other. "Let them pay their bill first..."

Why people are frustrated by Chinese quality of stuff and praise German products so much? Don't you remember that The Great Chinese Wall have been standing thousands of years and the wall in Berlin was destroyed after a few decades?... As God made Heaven and Earth..... the rest was Made in China....!!!

"When I left my previous landlady, she cried..." said a youngster to his new landlady.
"Don't worry, darling, I won't," replied his new landlady. "I take the rent in advance..."

 All the women say they like men with uniforms, but what they keep to themselves is that they actually prefer the other sex without them... my future Incredible Future or Lake Mystery :).

Hope everyone had/have a nice weekend! :),,,,,,


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