Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3rd Space Odyssey: 2061: Odyssey Three

Some of my friends told me that I have to post some opinions of mine about the books and read and liked. So, I guess my blogs could be better with such posts!
Usually, only one book of a sequel is considered good enough. And usually, it is the first one, probably because it includes the denouement itself and the next books couldn’t surpass that, no matter how much suspense, scientific and other important facts, etc they describe.
Actually, after reading the 3rd Space Odyssey, I think every one of the sequel have their good qualities and they complement one another. So, they could be classified as an exception from the rule and I could not say which one of them is the best. There are amazing moments and wise predictions of the future in anyone of them (probably some more in the third though). There are some wise speculations about “gods” and the origin of life and intelligence; however they don’t give all the answers which everyone expects. Yet, it doesn’t mean all the religious fanatics mustn’t read and learn some things from them… I guess if they realize the wisdom in these stories, there shouldn’t be so much suffering, murders, madness, etc in the name of any religion.
The amazing adventures in the Third Odyssey don’t include so many details about the so called creators, but a reader could read a lot of interesting facts about space, our solar system, the incredible wonders stars could create, etc. There are some of the author’s wise predictions of the future, which we don’t fulfill even today, though the book was written in 1987, I guess owing to people’s stupidity, greediness and strive for power and lack of wisdom…
The Third Odyssey was not such a great source for inspiration for me as the first and the second (reading them, a lot of good ideas came to my mind), but it was really useful with some scientific facts, which could not only help me for some of my future stories, but I guess could be interesting even for those who don’t like sci-fi ;).  
Finally, I must point out that all the three books of the sequel are a wonderful combination of fantasy, sci-fi, philosophy and reality. It was interesting that after finishing the third Odyssey, the author was wondering whether he wrote science fiction or just a story about the scientific achievements of the modern world of his time. As some of his “predictions” became reality when his book was published. Yet, this wouldn’t be an obstacle for any fan of the good science fiction to enjoy this wonderful story!,,,,,, 

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