Thursday, July 26, 2012

jokes before the weekend ;)

The best description of football: it is the thing where 22 persons take care of their health, exercise every day, don’t drink, don’t smoke, etc. Meanwhile, thousands are worried about them, drink, smoke, brake their nerves, etc
A policeman stops a driver for excessive speed: “Let me see your driving license, Mr!” “Well, officer, I don’t have any, as after the divorce my wife took it and I had the car…”
The best recipe to deal with mosquitoes: Smear yourself with wine, then pour sand on yourself – the mosquitoes get drunk by the wine and start throwing stones at one another…;)

To feel joy seeing some poor animals behind the bars of the cages in a zoo doesn't always mean one is cruel or insane. Sometimes, it's a sign one pays more attention to animals' beauty than to anything else... from my future Space Hide & Seek.,,,,,,

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